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The Summer RUSH!!!

The summer rush has arrived!  For all you that are wanting to get an apartment with us, please know that we are getting so many calls right now we are having  a hard time returning all your messages.

If you are serious about getting an apartment with us, please consider filling out an application.  People who fill out an application ( go to the front of my call list as we know you are serious about renting.  Once you fill out an application we will contact you with what your deposit would be and you can then decide if you would like to place a hold.  Currently we have units open May thru August.

We work hard to reach out to everyone, but when you are getting a huge volume of calls, it makes it tough.

Just in the last week we have finally started to get notices from those current tenants that will be moving, so we will start taking applications on those units right away.  We project to have around 10 that will be opening in the May- June timeframe.

Posted by: riordan on April 4, 2017
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