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Looking for an apartment for next summer??

I am starting to have more and more calls recently from people needing apartments this summer.  Below is an article I wrote several years ago that many people found helpful.


How to find an apartment in Evansville

I have so many nice people coming into my office looking for apartments this time of year. Unfortunately, this time of year is good for Landlords, but tough for prospective Tenants. There seems to be a surplus of Tenants from May to September. Then it is just the opposite from October to April. For those of you wanting to find that perfect West Side apartment here are a few tips.

Plan early. Most Landlords have an idea of what availability they will have 30 – 45 day in advance. If you are wanting to move from May to September, find the perfect apartment complex, fill out an application and get approved. Most landlords will then put you on a waiting list and call you as soon as they have something. I would recommend doing that at least 2-4 months in advance to insure you get into the desired location.

Pre-Lease- Most places will let you pre-lease, to guarantee availability. If you don’t do this, it will greatly reduce you chances of finding a nice place

Talk to current tenants, drive through the parking lot late at night. See if it has enough lighting in the parking areas.

Check out the neighborhood at or the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s web site.

Check the apartment complex out online at Keep in mind that these reviews are sometime over critical, however, it is still a good idea to check it out.

It seems that one of the more popular ways to advertise is Craigslist.  It is free to advertise.  For the folks with nice places that are affordable, they don’t need to spend big bucks on fancy advertisements.  Not many people use the newspaper any more.

Hopefully these few tips will help make your search a little bit easier.

Check out our new WEB SITE!!

We are thrilled to launch our new site –

After much work all of our tenants can log into their account online.

Once logging in you can leave a maintenance request or pay your rent.  No more late fees when you set it up for auto pay!!


We are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired The Carriage House Apartments on Bellemeade and the Montclair Apartments.  Any Western Hills tenant wanting to move to the East side may qualify to move without penalty.  All units are 1-Bedroom and rent for $425.00 per month.


Western Hills is going GREEN again!!

We are proud to be green at Western Hills!!  Here are a few things we have been busy working on!!

We have increased our recycling containers to be emptied more often due to the great response we have been having with our Tenant recycling program.  Thanks for your participation!

We have planted another Tenant garden by the laundromat.  This years garden will include tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and miniature strawberries.  This is your garden and you are welcome to take any ripe vegetable within reason.  Please don’t take more than you personally plan to use.

We have redone our grassy areas.  After killing off and working up the yards, we have the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood.  All the messy dust was worth it and it looks amazing!!

We have just grated the sand and put the volleyball net back up.

We still have room on our bike rack for your bike if you have one.

IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1397


A big thanks to all of our new Tenants.  We had a super busy summer, and are now all filled up.  I am sure we will have some more units opening, but not likely until fall.


Our Tenant Garden is doing nicely.  We currently have Peppers, onions, leaf lettuce and cabbage ready.  Feel free to pick it yourself or come by the office if you would like some.  There is no charge for any vegetables – so enjoy!!

Thanks – Jim


As you all know we offer free WIFI service here at Western Hills.  There is no fee added in your lease, it us just a perk of living here.

However, some residents can improve their ability to connect with getting a better understanding of where the signal might be stronger.  If you are not getting a good signal, try connecting in different areas of your unit.  In many units you will have a better connection at the front or rear of the unit.  If you are not sure, come by the office and we will help identify which node is closest to your unit and give you suggestions on how to better connect.  Also, if you have large items next to your computer (Bookcase, etc) it could greatly limit your ability to connect.  Please let us know so we might be able to help you!

Western Hills is Growing!!

Image 2

We are starting a Tenant Garden!!  We have planted the following for our Tenants to share!!


Top Row:  Texas Sweet Onions, Georgia Sweet Onions, Brocoli

Middle Row:  Green Bell Peppers & Cucumbers

Bottom Row:  Head Lettuce & Cabbage


Now there is no guarantee here, but with a little luck, hopefully this will be a fun project.

Be sure to wash your vegetables good when you pick them!

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